Our Parklet has been built and maintained through private funding by the Luna Rienne Gallery and our generous patrons. If you are interested in donating resources of time, money, or materials, please contact us.

Parklet #3


This installation was made possible by a mysterious private donor. Thank you!

Misinformation by Brian Barneclo
Mellow Marsh Luna Rienne Gallery Jay The Carpenter Tech Shop
Rocky Yazzie David Chacon Frie B. DeWalt

Parklet #2

Head In The Clouds

Thank you to everyone who donated to our Kickstarter campaign.

Head In The Clouds by Ursula Xanthe Young
Cody Smith Christopher Olin Susan Pritzker Michael Taylor
Eugene the Poogene Miguel Escobedo Vanessa Wang Simon Phipps
Christina Zappala Scott Crosby Vincent Archuleta Jonathan Bruck
Marmot King Anna Billstrom Emily Griffin Agnes Rute
Heather Franzese Michael Gemignani Nancy Jo Olin Heldt Liz Melchor
Eric Nichols Zoe Dorit Eliou Joy Koster Lalo Davis / Five Stone Music
Jeremy Gray Tiffany Lam Colin Klingman Nora Ongpin
Paul and Miriam Liszewski Christopher Kilmer Christian Ciscle Chris Hastings
Daryll Pierce Jennifer Brown Kat Clare Desi Danganan
Emily Brough Erica Haims Atsushi Deborah Traer
Alex Ainslie Allan Aguas Anonymous Bonnie Pucket
Bryan Posner David Ramsay Greg Laughlin Heather Hanna
Jamison Wieser Karen Feiling / ComeAlive Art Marie-Reine Velez Mark Berman
Roberta Tewes Sally Stockdale Sandra Saberman Sara Kondo
Sarah Harbin Shannon Gruber Burchard Susanna Chau Wes Eagan
Will McCollum Jack the Cabbie Madeline Brozen Nathan Tan
Mission: Comics & Art Keri Scanlon Andrew Peters Joshua & Hunter Moon Laytart
Niki Berkowitz Teddy Hose Ryan Clark Patrick Myall
Anne Ho Kat Snow Chloe Katie Bolden
Karen Solomon Paul Grubb

Parklet #1

The Peacekeeper

We would like to thank the following donors who contributed to our first installation:

The Peacekeeper by Erik Otto
Amabelle Sze, Matt & Madeline Bingham Agnes Pieters Rute Anonymous Curtis & Sarah Kimball
Eric Staller Elli Albec Gary Frenkel Jeremy Shaw
Meghan Elliot, Cole Pepper Naomi Mahoney, Ted, Isabel, & Kiko Tilles Tadhg Byrne Vern Peralta