Sweet Dreams And Twisted Realities

Sweet Dreams And Twisted Realities

July 17, 2021 - August 9, 2021

Sweet Dreams And Twisted Realities features recent work by three Bay Area surrealist painters: Eric Johnston, Ingrid V. Wells, and J.L. King. Each with their own style, they meld fantasy and reality through some combination of rendering, psychedelia, color, humor, and absurdity. If the last year has taught us anything, it is that perspectives and perceptions vary widely; this exhibition presents three ways of seeing the world around us.

J L King

J. L. King portrays anonymous figures and everyday objects in curiously extraordinary perspectives. Her paintings reveal vivid scenes through layers, windows, and portals into domains that inspire wonderment and nostalgia. She is heavily inspired by urban nature, her biracial heritage, and the pleasures and experiences of youth. King is a San Francisco native and practices her art from her studio in San Francisco's SOMA district.

Eric Johnston

Eric Johnston uses academic realism, traditional surrealism, and abstract approaches to contemporary topics to create paintings that are direct manifestations of the way humans perceive nature and the environment in which they exist. The driving force behind his creativity is his search for meaning in our existence by connecting with the world through symbolic recognition. Drawing inspiration from his life, dreams, desires, and the parallel reality encompassing him, he questions our innate aspirations concerning personal happiness. Johnston received training in Fine Arts from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, and resides in Northern California.

Ingrid V. Wells

Ingrid V. Wells fancies the fantastic and humorous in theme, and the charming, kitschy, and celebrity in subject. Her paintings investigate the world of gendered consumerism and the ethics of fascination. She has exhibited in San Francisco, New York, Miami and South Korea and been featured in publications such as The Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, The Jealous Curator, and BUST Magazine. She earned her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and her BFA from Arizona State University. Wells lives and works in San Francisco.


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