Joshua Lawyer

. To Long Nights And The Stories They Tell 3 (2014)

Joshua Lawyer is a self-taught artist with a background in painting on walls that didn’t belong to him yet offered him a place to escape to when his world was too chaotic. Determined to become a good artist, he realized he needed to hone his skills in sketchbooks, a habit he still practices daily. Lawyer shifted from graffiti to fine art once the legal fees and his painting acumen reached a new level. His work uses the female figure, symbols and other tools to develop a narratives about "Finding Home" and "Getting Lost". Born and raised in the Bay Area, Lawyer still lives and works there.

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Joshua Lawyer discusses the concepts and techniques behind his large-scale piece, Homebody.

Where Did You Go?

Where Did You Go? looks at how substance abuse can make a person disappear.

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