Gage Opdenbrouw

Gage Opdenbrouw is a painter whose works bridge representation and abstraction. He aims to distill his imagery to a point of powerful emotional resonance while maintaining a deep sense of mystery, allowing the viewer's experience to be an important part of completing the picture. While his works span many outward subjects, the

Geoff Campen

Geoff Campen explores the interaction between constructed reality and the natural world. His work addresses these themes through architectural and construction imagery. He has a degree in Architecture from Philadelphia University.

Gianluca Franzese

Gianluca Franzese was born in Italy and raised in New York, where he studied painting at Pratt Institute before transferring to the Florence Academy of Art to learn the skill and technique of the Old Masters. After a few moves back and forth between the United States and Italy, he has settled in San Francisco to pursue art.

Gloria Muriel

Gloria Muriel is a San Diego-based artist and muralist whose work celebrates the inspiration of divine feminism with a surreal, whimsical, and psychedelic connection to Mother Earth and the four elements. She is influenced by her inner child and guided by the beauty of innocence and wonder. Raised in Baja, California, she has a degree in Graphic Design from Universidad Iberoamericana in Tijuana.

Grant Gilliland

Grant Gilliland is an artist and musician known for his peculiar renderings and vibrant color combinations.

Greg Galinsky

Greg “Pnut” Galinsky is an artist, muralist, and clothing designer in San Francisco. His work work depicts elements of nature or images of music and skate culture.