Nathalie Fabri

Nathalie Fabri is a San Francisco artist that specializes in surreal urban landscapes. Using a variety of bright contrasting colors, she makes city streets come alive with her paintbrush, surrounding cityscapes with giant flora. She is influenced by books and paintings from Africa, the Middle East and Haiti.

Nathan Tan

Nathan "Nate1" Tan was born in England and then immigrated to San Francisco as a child. A self-taught artist, he became a local graffiti legend in San Francisco and Daly City while a teenager. After earning a degree in graphic design at San Francisco State University, he worked professionally before starting a kids' hip hop clothing line

Nicole Hayden

Nicole Hayden was born in Skokie IL, and brought up in Chicago. She attended art programs during her youth -- including Marwen Foundation, Gallery 37, and The Art Institute of Chicago — that influenced her education at the University of Kansas, where she focused on painting and printmaking. She continued her fine art education at The


Ninjagrl started painting her eponymous character in Chicago back in 2005. Her cat, Turtle, has proved to be loyal companion and unending source of inspiration, while her time spent as a volunteer at the Seattle Aquarium opened her eyes to the wonders of the ocean world. She hopes to inspire conservation of our marine environment by providing glimpses of the amazing creatures that live there in her unique ninja style.

NoMe Edonna

NoMe Edonna is a self-taught artist born in California. Known for his smooth-sided biomorphs that combine the organic and the mechanical, his work is an obscure interpretation of contemporary urban life. In recent years, it has become increasingly focused on social, political, and environmental concerns as well as inquiries of science, technology, and study of ancient civilizations.

Norm Nomzee Maxwell

Norm “Nomzee” Maxwell was a visual artist whose education came via the streets and the Hussian School Of Art. His combination of urban upbringing and fine art training resulted stylistically in an esoteric combination of color, light, and subject matter. Politics, mythology, popular culture, street life and his own biography were