Santos Shelton

Santos Shelton is a self-taught artist based in Oakland, CA. He uses bold colors, shapes, and textures to imagine distant worlds and civilizations.

Sarah Coleman

Sarah Coleman was raised in towns in Texas, Minnesota, and California, and noticed that each landscape possessed a unique effect, mood, and sky. These environments and their cultures shaped Sarah's early life experience and began her interest in the emotional and intellectual impacts of atmosphere, weather, and illusion. She studied art at UC Santa Cruz.

Sebastian Wahl

Sebastian Wahl, a Swedish artist residing in New York, combines traditional, labor-intensive collage with digital processes to create multi-layered, concentric resin compositions. His source material has been collected and cataloged for over 20 years, including images from all walks of life, pop culture, and religious iconography.


Seibot is a queer, trans-masc muralist and painter based in San Francisco. They are the co-owner/founder of Mothbelly Gallery , a community art gallery located in San Francisco's Tenderloin district. Seibot's work relies heavily on acrylic and latex house paint but also includes meticulously detailed pen and ink drawing, digital drawing, and

Simone Star

Simone Star is an artist and psychotherapist who seeks to communicate diverse human experience, themes of social justice, and traces of the ineffable through the language of visual art. Her work includes painting, sculpture, and beadwork among other media. With no formal art training, she has developed her artistic voice through a process

Sirron Norris

Sirron Norris is a San Francisco-based artist, muralist, designer and educator. He graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, then moved to San Francisco to begin his career. Best known for his public art projects, his murals can be seen in Balmy Alley, Clarion Alley, at the corner of 18th & Bryant in the Mission. He has been an

Sparkles Positron

Sparkles Positron creates art, sparked by love, humor, and gratitude, that celebrates the interconnected complexity of life and material impermanence. She is an alchemist, a hunter and gatherer practicing reverence for all life, knowledge, love, experience, materials, and wisdom. She is a self-taught artist currently based in Grass Valley CA.

Sunshine Jones

Sunshine Jones, a San Francisco native, has been producing electronic music since 1985. One half of Dubtribe Sound System, their brand of house music toured worldwide throughout the 1990s, epitomizing a west coast sound for a generation of underground music lovers. He continues to produce music in solo projects, tour internationally as a DJ, and perform a few times a year with Dubtribe.