MJ Lindo-Lawyer

MJ Lindo-Lawyer paints her dreams, fantasies, and nightmares in the expressions of the women in her pieces. They attempt to evoke emotion, celebration wonder, yet also provide insight into the contemporary feminine story. Lindo-Lawyer is a self-taught, self-motivated, self-inspired creator of whimsical alternate universes, endlessly

Madeleine Tonzi

Madeleine Tonzi explores underlying themes of memory and place, and our relationship to the environment while living through the Anthropocene. Her work takes into consideration the concept of solastalgia, which describes a person's emotional state when experiencing the feeling of loss and longing for one's environment that has been

Margaretta Grazier

Margaretta Grazier enjoys the texture, color and unique physical properties that materials have to offer. With nature as her subject matter, she seeks to evoke movement, light and atmosphere through representational shapes that encourage the viewer to bring one’s memories and feelings into each piece.

Mark Farina

Mark Farina is a modern day minstrel and one of the most ubiquitous DJs in dance music, best known for his blend of house, jazz, and downtempo, called “Mushroom Jazz”. He began his DJ career at the age of 16 in Chicago, and soon joined forces with Derrick Carter to create an underground house music scene that has influenced parties and

Martin Hsu

Martin Hsu is a Taiwan-born artist based in San Francisco. He strives to create New Traditional Art by fusing Western narrative with Eastern sensibility. He hopes his art brings you a sense of ease and some peace of mind. His work has been shown all around the world, including the Japanese American National Museum, Art Basel Miami, and Art Kaohsiung in Taiwan.

Maureen Shields

Maureen Shields creates mixed media works on wood that combine paint, collage, handmade stickers, gold leaf, and glitter. Her printed matter and source material range from vintage LIFE magazines from the 1950s to vintage Playboy magazines from the 1970s and 80s. Born and raised in Southern California, she earned a BFA in Drawing and

Megan Shaffer

Megan Shaffer is an accomplished surfacing artist who has shown in galleries for over 15 years. She holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the Ringling College of Arts. Based in Dallas, Texas, Shaffer has worked in the animation industry for the last 18 years.

Melanie Alves

Melanie Alves focuses on current social and cultural issues, such as gun violence, refugee crisis and the "Culture of Fear". She addresses how society is losing its core human values by focusing on power, greed, the individual, and deception. Alves was born in California, but raised in Portugal. After stints in London and San Francisco, Alves has returned to Portugal to live and work.

Micah LeBrun

Micah LeBrun is a self-taught San Francisco artist who considers his understanding of art to be derived from what he visually identifies in everyday life. His influences range from the line-oriented work of Picasso, the bold graphic nature of Warhol, and the dominant colorful brushstrokes of Peter Max to modern-day movements such as car

Michael Gillette

Michael Gillette is a multimedia artist who translates the excitement of popular culture into engaging art. Born and raised in Swansea, Wales, he spent his teens infatuated with art and music. After attending Kingston College, he began creating images for the emerging Britpop scene, including video and graphic work for Elastica and

Michael Moncibaiz

Michael Moncibaiz meanders through the purely gestural and technical applications of abstraction, utilizing his training in street and studio art to create compositions that address perception and matter. He explores the most fundamental elements of art and design, in color and form, and how they relate to each other and the viewer.

Michael Rios

Michael Rios is a native of Oakland CA. He attended the San Francisco Academy Of Art on scholarship in the 60s, then worked as an illustrator for mens clothier Roos Atkins before opening his own design studio in North Beach. Rios turned to fine art in the 70s as well as moved to the Mission, where he became involved in the burgeoning

Millie Benson

Millie Benson is a New York-based artist from Cleveland Ohio with a BA from the Cleveland Institute of Art and an MA from Hunter College. Her work combines fantastical geometry and a surprising color palette in order to mirror her own processing of information. She seeks to satisfy her own curiosity through repetition and deviation, producing paintings whose structures achieve nearly organic patterns of growth.

Monty Guy

Monty Guy is a painter and illustrator whose earliest memories are drawing in the entryway of his parents' home in Southern California. A true artist, he is constantly compelled to create and hone his craft, seeing beauty and inspiration in everything around him. He appreciates timelessness in his subject matter as well as in his often-used black and white color palette.

Mykola Bereza

Mykola Bereza, originally from Ukraine, has an art career that spans ceramics, portraits, sculpture, interiors and monuments. He earned a bachelor’s degree in art from Dnipropetrovsk Educational & Production Center #2 and an MFA from Kirovohrad Volodymyr Vynnychenko State Pedagogical University.