Tatiana Suarez

Tatiana Suarez is a mainstay in the world of pop surrealism and muralism, showing in galleries throughout the United States. Her murals are in locations as extensive as Hawaii, Detroit, Los Angeles, Okinawa, Mexico and Sweden. Suarez received a BFA in Illustration from the University of Miami. She currently lives and works in Miami.


Telopa, the father and son of artists, paints women in an elegant Mannerist style that combines classic beauty and mythological, symbolic allegory. A San Francisco Bay Area native, he received a scholarship in painting from the Academy of Art.

Tina Basich Haller

Tina Basich Haller is a Renaissance woman, known both as a visual art and a groundbreaking pro snowboarder. After nearly two decades as one of the prominent women in the sport, an injury shifted her focus to her other passion. Since childhood, Haller has created work daily, using layers of acrylic paint and paper in mixed media

Treasure Frey

Treasure Frey is a Los Angeles-based artist who communicates thoughts and relationships abstractly. She has traveled around the world and lived on both U.S. coasts, having earned a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University.


t.w.five works with just one material — vinyl — and focuses largely on process. All shapes are hand-cut to size from large rolls of solid color vinyl, and then carefully applied to a surface of the work. Each work is made of intricately repeating patterns, which require hours of rigorous work. The finished product is a labor of love, weaved